Should Christians Participate in Tarot Readings, Horoscopes, Astrology, Numerology and and The Like?

This shouldn’t be a question that even needs explaining. However, I am witnessing more and more Christians that are illiterate to what the Bible actually teaches on this and other matters of spiritual life, and also more Christians seem to be increasingly ignorant to Satan’s devices than ever. The typical responses to such matters are: A. Its harmless entertainment, B. It’s ok as long as I’m not hurting anybody, or C. I don’t really care, my ignorance is bliss. First off lets take a look at a few Scriptures to see what the Bible teaches about seeking knowledge, even more,…


Unity or Division? Tolerance and Our Faith.

As our culture becomes more and more saturated with the perils of religious pluralism (the idea that all religions are equal, valid and should coexist together) and relativism (the concept that points of view have no absolute truth or are only valid from one individuals perception), it is going to become vital that true Christians understand the why, the what and the how of our faith. A Biblical education is going to priceless in the days to come. This is sad, considering some of the toxic symptoms appearing in many Western churches such as: the watering down of the Bible…

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