About Us

IMG_0074Who We Are

About A Burning Fire is the ministry of Rusty and Sarah Wimberly. We assist churches with identifying leaders, leadership development and strategy for revival, discipleship and regional church transformation. Rusty is an aspiring author, writer and speaker. He loves to speak the heartbeat of God with passion to God’s people. He has self-published his first book entitled “The Changing Face of the Church: New Wineskins For A New Generation”.

His wife Sarah surrendered her life to Jesus in college and was filled with the Holy Spirit shortly after. The Lord has used Sarah in worship as a musician, leader and song-writer. Through her pastoral gifting, Sarah coaches women ages 18-35 in the areas of career, relationships and spiritual life. She is currently taking on mentoring relationships for those that seek to go to the next level in their walk with Jesus.


What We Do

Pastors and leaders contact Rusty when they personally need encouragement, insight and direction as to what God is saying and doing in their local sphere of influence. Rusty also will often get invited to preach the Word of the Lord within their church in a larger setting. His leadership style is bold, serious and inspiring. He also has the ability to adapt in many different ministry situations with various personalities and theological backgrounds.

In August 2009, Rusty founded About A Burning Fire as a resource to leaders and the rest of the church alike, to establish and equip people for ministry. We are available to minister at churches, conferences, retreats and small groups. As the Lord allows, we also host workshops, prayer initiatives and prophetic gatherings in the Chicagoland area to help encourage, teach and mentor other prophets to develop in their calling and ministry. Through this we provide accountability, friendship and encouragement in an atmosphere of freedom and relationship.