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Fear or Faith?

Making decisions out of faith, not fear.

I have been a freelance graphic and web designer for almost 3 years now. I have had quite the learning curve when it comes to design and the technology utilized to build websites for small businesses, churches and ministries. I have to admit I’m still not there, but I have a few quality developers I can call on when I need to get something more complex done. Long story short my business started to dwindle about two months ago. I interpreted that as a sign that I needed to get a full time job. Now mind you, I have only relied on referrals and word of mouth to gain business and just with that alone I was able to draw in at least one or two websites a month. I had not done any pro-active advertising or selling to gain new business.

I got hired in a sales position with an online company located in Arlington Heights. Guess what I was doing…yep selling. It took me a few weeks to discover that (genius idea) I should be doing this for myself. I took my badge and handed it over to my manager and advised him that I didn’t think this was a good fit for me and I was going back to my web design business. As soon as I got home, the Lord confirmed my decision by two emails from prospective web design clients in my email inbox.

I made a decision based on fear that ended up in discouragement, depression and overall not the right spot in God’s will. Is God in control? Absolutely. Does he allow us to go our own way?

Absolutely. In love, he lets us go off running until we come to our senses and realize that God knows best.

I was afraid of not having money to provide for our family, not gaining any business and not paying our bills. The bottom line is that we cannot make decisions in life based on fear, but we must be in faith for whats to come.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God in our life. We must obey the word of God given to us at the appropriate time..nothing more and nothing less. He will work out the details. There is such peace, safety and assurance knowing that my Daddy has it all in His hands. He can handle whatever comes our way.



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