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We Are Guilty: Response To The Grammys 2014

First off, I have to admit I didn’t watch the whole thing. Heck, I didn’t even know the Grammys were on until a friend of ours mentioned it! With that being said, I want to give credit to all the talent and gifted musicians, singers and songwriters in the music industry today. I’m sure, in the midst of the display of confusion and darkness, there were wonderful highlights I missed only tuning in for 30 mins. I say 30 mins because I had to shut it off; my stomach was turning.

I’ve been a lover of music all my life. When I was younger, like most adolescents, I studied pop music. Music kept me out of trouble sometimes, and other times it got me in trouble. It was the soundtrack to my life, helping me to express the feelings I had, that I sometimes couldn’t express in normal words. Oh how times have seemed to change in music. Maybe I’m just getting old, but when I see Stevie Wonder on stage with “robots” (Daft Punk) it makes me cringe. When I think about the hard work and lifetime achievement an artist like Stevie Wonder has accomplished, to share a stage with a electronic group so wet behind the ears seems a lower sentiment for some reason.

But I digress and I suppose we should all address the big elephant in the room. God must have had me tune in when I did for a reason because I happened to miss Katy Perry’s performance of “Dark Horse” that included a display of witchcraft symbolism and darkness that even secular media picked up on. I did view the video later after the buzz had spread and of course was appalled. However, I did catch the Mackelmore and Latifa blaspheme. It boggles the mind how someone supposedly standing for “love and unity” could be so “in your face” offensive to millions of Christians around the world? It was hard to watch the whole thing, but I did, almost in tears for the mass deception and complete act of rebellion towards God, the Bible and the Church. His song “Same Love” is so wrong in so many ways that I think this Youtube pastor sums it up very well here.  If anything, the performance just does more to damage the progress being attempted to produce meaningful and respectful dialog between homosexuals and Christians.

Never the less I think rather than pointing the figure and cursing the darkness, we, as Christians are guilty. We are guilty of creating our own Christian ghettos called K-love, the Gospel Music Association, Dove Awards and CCM. We pat ourselves on the back with congratulations, thinking we are transforming the world with Christian music (whatever that is) meanwhile, we are really just preaching to the choir. Salt is only good for preserving that which it comes in contact with it is supposed to preserve. If the salt looses its saltiness, everything is left to spoil. (Matt. 5:13) The church is guilty of not supporting Christians who are legitimately called into the arts and entertainment culture. We usually will demonize or place them under suspicion which in turn not only weakens their ministry, but also results in some of them turning away from their faith or compromising themselves. We need entertainment missionaries, emissaries and ambassadors of the Gospel. We need to cultivate those in our church that are called to the arts and entertainment culture and support them with prayer and resources to help them fulfill their mission for the Kingdom. Until we begin to wake up and start doing this, should we expect to see anything less on the Grammys? Selah..



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