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Releasing Prophetic Worship In Your Church

What is prophetic worship? Some have different names for it and it has become more popular, even within evangelical non-charismatic churches. Some don’t like to use the term “prophetic” and merely call it “spontaneous worship”. When we use the term “prophetic” we are referring to God speaking to men, through men. When we use it in the context of worship, we are referring to a moment in song where the Holy Spirit begins to use an individual to sing his heart, or mind concerning a group, individual or church. (We certainly understand that worship is a lifestyle. Everything we do as Christians encompasses worship. But for the sake of this article, we will be referring to music used in worship in the context of corporate gatherings.) In prophetic worship, direction can be released, encouragement can be released and hearts become open. (1 Cor. 14). Assuming you either already have a good foundation for the prophetic in your church or desire to expand even more, here are a few tips on releasing prophetic worship in  your church:

Strong Musicians
I’ve noticed a difference in worship gathering with mediocre musicians and strong musicians. A simple spiritual principle to understand is that God rewards dedication. A musician that doesn’t practice, rehearse or desire to become better at what they do will hold back the anointing from being released in their ministry. Prophetic singers need strong musicians to help stir up their spirit and create an atmosphere to carry a song. If a musician is still trying to carry a tune, the singers will stumble and not be confident in singing out.

Confident Singers
I was in a meeting one time where a prophetic singer began to sing out on the worship team. I could perceive she had a strong word from the Lord, but the problem was I couldn’t even hear her. (It wasn’t the sound system) I attempted to encourage her to sing out, but this only distracted her even more and she became intimidated and backed off. To prophesy, a spirit of faith is required. (Rom. 12:6) If you aren’t confident that you have a word God wants you to share, better off waiting until you sense a spirit of boldness come upon you to declare, proclaim and pronounce what it is the Lord wants you to share.

Be Comfortable with Spontaneity
I’m addressing the church, but also leaders with this. Many insecure leaders seek to control, manipulate and program a service to death. This is a great way to quench the Spirit from moving in your meetings. You must be comfortable with spontaneity. This isn’t to say that you mustn’t have a plan. Just learn to be flexible with the Spirit’s leading. You can often tell someone has a word during worship when the music will lighten up and there is a moment of waiting. When its time to prophesy, we all know that we can’t move on until God speaks. We must leave room for a now word to be released. Eye contact is a good way to communicate with those overseeing the meeting that someone is carrying something to share.

Start with Singing the Word
The Word of God is a great place to start in the prophetic. God is not going to release anything outside of what he has already declared in His word anyway. I know from experience that when I first began prophesying, that the measure of which I was filled with the Word of God, was the measure in which God used me to prophesy. Prophecy and the level of Bible reading are not separate. Show me a person that cannot prophesy in song, I’ll show you a person who doesn’t read their Bible. Its ok as beginners to take a passage from the Psalms, or otherwise, and begin to sing these verses over instrumentals.

There are many routes you can take when beginning to release the prophetic in your church. These are just a few tips we suggest churches begin to implement into their meetings to allow the Holy Spirit to begin to speak during their worship times. Another way to release prophetic worship in your church is to invite a prophet to bring the “spirit of prophecy” to the church. Having a prophet come to your church can help stir up a prophetic anointing that can be caught by other members as well. Sometimes we just need to see it in demonstration to really begin to understand it. If you are a church leader hungry to see God’s voice come forth in the life of your congregation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to schedule a ministry invitation.



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    La Vetta Williams

    May 24, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Thank you for sharing this avid demonstration of RESURRECTION LIFE!!! We speak continuing LIFE to this Blog!!! In Jesus’ name! AMEN!!!

    Apostles Ronn Long

    May 18, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    Would like to speak with you concerning prophetic worship, and possible doing a program or workshop for my church. Charlotte NC

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