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My Take on Trump, Hillary and Elections 2016

Two Types of Christians

There are two types of Christians. There are ones that engage and there are others that sit back and watch. Anyone who knows me, understands that I am not one to sit back and watch anything happen. I believe that Christians should engage our culture and things happening around us. How can we sit back and complain about society going to hell in a hand basket when we are the ones that let it get to that place? However, we as Christians must engage with respect and love when we disagree. (2 Tim. 2:24) I fully understand that religion, sex and politics are typically things that people don’t openly discuss for fear of offending people. With that said, I believe that these are the exact issues that we must talk openly and freely about if we ever want to begin to understand and bring resolve to outstanding issues that divide our country.

From a political standpoint I believe God’s people want to know where their pastors and church leaders stand on these issues. So its with the desire to help God’s people, and others, make informed decisions on who to vote for and what to expect in the upcoming elections. I write my views as my own and do not claim to speak on behalf of all Christians or any particular church on the matter. It’s time for church leaders to stand up and speak out about what is going on in our culture. Its a shame that we have been lulled to sleep or otherwise gagged not to say anything for fear of loosing people in our congregations or financial support from our ministries. I think its time that we tell God’s people more of what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.

My first and foremost belief is that you must exercise your right to vote. Many of us feel that our vote doesn’t count any more because of the process of delegation. It does in fact count, but it just counts in a more complicated way. At the very least, a vote is a chance to make your voice heard, no matter how small of an impact it may have.

Vote With A Clear Conscience

Secondly, we must vote with a clear conscience. The Bible teaches if we do or do not do what we know we aught to do, it is sin. (James 4:17). Regardless whether you are voting for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, you must vote, not to jump on some political bandwagon, but you must vote with an informed and clear conscience. When placing your ballot, you must sincerely believe that this is the best choice, in your opinion, for the office of President.

Lastly, we must beware of the political leaven of Herod. (Mark 8:15) In the Bible, leaven is generally not a good thing. Leaven is a substance, typically yeast, that is added to dough to make it ferment and rise. Why was Jesus warning His disciples to stay away from political leaven? In context, it could have been very easy for followers of Jesus to mistake His Kingdom for an earthly kingdom and take up arms trying to over throw the powers that be. What Jesus promoted was an eternal Kingdom, of which has no end and which has its throne in heavenly places. We as disciples of Jesus and citizens of the Kingdom of heaven, must be reminded that true societal transformation doesn’t occur through natural means of policy, but of the arresting of men’s hearts to be overturned from sin to life in Christ.

In this volatile political climate in our nation, lets become civil, respectful and informed in our discussions. Let us cast our vote with a clear conscience. Most importantly, lets continue to advance the Kingdom of Heaven, which rests in the hearts of people, not in Washington DC.



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