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Finally: New Book!

bookAs of a few weeks ago I finally self-published my first book titled “The Changing Face of the Church: New Wineskins for a New Generation.” I’m very excited about this because it has literally been sitting on my shelf for about 3 years in the making. I’ve finished it a while ago, but after many different revisions and edits, I finally decided it was time to release it to the public. I am publishing it through a service called LuLu which is a print on demand company. This is helpful because I don’t have to invest any upfront money to publish the book and books are only printed when one is ordered.

So why this book? I think most of my readers on ABF will agree that the face of the church is changing. In other words, the way that we do church in this century is looking more and more different to what we are used to. And rightly so, since God is interested in perfecting His bride and bringing her to a place of maturity and beauty. This change that faces the church includes things like money, our church practice, methods of evangelism and most importantly leadership. In order for the church to change, leadership must be the first thing that is dealt with. The old way of doing church includes huge hierarchical systems of clergy, top down leadership and unapproachable relationships. I put forth in this book that God is releasing a more biblical view of leadership that includes a lateral approach, closeness of relationship and a consensus of what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church instead of a one man show.

We have to be open to change. The wineskins we have must be flexible and fluid in order for us to reach this generation and also to carry the new wine of revival that God desires to release to us. Our current structures are just too ridged. Our traditional churches are just to big, bulky and inflexible. What God wants is a streamlined version of church. You can call it simple, organic or whatever…I call it a more Biblical representation of what God always intended his community of faith be.

If you would like to pick up a copy, feel free to stop by the store section of our website and place an order. This is a great way to support Sarah and I as we continue to communicate the word of the Lord to our generation and enable us to minister to the many churches and groups of people that we are in Kingdom connection with.



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    October 12, 2012 at 7:52 am

    As a pastor’s wife- this topic is near to my heart!First of all, I have to say that I do not beivlee that the “Church” is at fault!! The Bible is very clear, that it is to be us PARENTS that are to be training our children in righteousness!!! Sunday School & Youth Group were started many, many years later & really were started for the “non-churched” kids! Those statistics are sad, but I think they are a lot due to the fact that parents have been relying on the church to teach their children about Christ- instead of taking an active role themselves (& actually living what they beivlee)!A couple things our church does that I LOVE are… when children turn 4, they join their parents in “big” church- children younger than that are certainly welcome, but there is nursery & children’s church provided for children under 4. Although I do understand how difficult it can be for some kids to sit so long (we are all about wiggles at our house), we beivlee that having children in the service, plants seeds in their little hearts! :)We also have just started a curriculum (our pastors & elders & teachers have created) that lasts 7 years & walks everyone through the Bible… all Sunday School classes of various ages as well as the sermon are focused on the SAME topic… are memorizing the same verse, etc. In this way, children (along with their parents) will go through an in depth study of the whole Bible twice.Sorry, this is getting way too long! ;)Great question!Jessica

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