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The Emptying…Presidential Election 2012

For this election, America hangs in the balance says the Lord. 4 more years! 4 more years! I am setting the stage for a great outpouring of my Spirit in America says the Lord. I cannot pour out unless the vessel is empty. This election will the be beginning of the emptying of this nation. I will empty the business world, only to be filled with my power. I will confound the education system, only to fill it with my wisdom. I will destroy the foundations that man has established only for my Kingdom to truly be produced. For this President will change his tune says the Lord. He will say one thing and do another. He will fill the airwaves with empty promises. He will promise, promise, promise on his victory speech…but they will be empty, empty, empty says the Lord. He will appear one way, yet he will direct in another. There are many secrets in this election that I cannot reveal says the Lord, for it would be ahead of time itself. For I am orchestrating my coming and I am burning away the American chaff…starting with the Presidency. There will be great political shake up after the first month in office. There will be an uncovering and many will be disappointed. But know this..I am doing this only for the nation to turn again to me. For if she will turn to me, 2013 will be the most fruitful year in manufacturing and building. IF she will turn to me, I will cause an effective door of ministry into the Muslim nations to preach my Gospel. For this year for the church will be an explosion of evangelistic effort. Many will avoid the divisiveness of side doctrines and focus once again on the Gospel which is the power unto salvation. Many will be weary of church systems and brand name church. There will be city wide revivals that take place. Walls will fall down and hands will be joined together. In the midst of chaos, my church will stand firm says the Lord. This President will build up military might once again. He will wear the badge of a general and hold fast against America’s enemies. He will put His foot down in Iraq and he will put His other foot in Iran and there will be more turmoil in the middle east as ever. At the same time, now the church in the middle east will begin to gain ground and martyrdom will erupt with blood spouting out like a volcanic eruption. Dark will become darker…and the BRIGHTNESS WILL SHINE BRIGHTER!

All these things to bring America to its knees says the Lord. If you will commit once again to pray for your leaders, if you pray for salvation to hit like a mighty crimson hurricane. If you will humble yourself instead of propagating your charismatic arrogance, there will be new windows and doors that will open. Put down your “spiritual” swords that hurt one another. Put away your judgments and legalism. Fall deep into the ocean of my Spirit and drink from my throne room again. Be refined, as gold through fire. Be a vessel of honor that I require. Be bold in this final hour. May the redeemed of the Lord say who is their God without shame.



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    December 8, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Amen brother and sister Wimberly. I found your site a the right time. I was moved to tears by the beauty and strength of your ministry,even amidst, turmoil,destruction and death. In bearing some crosses that seem to break me at times I hold onto my faith as do your followers, Being armored up in God and the spilled blood of our savior, Jesus Christ, is at times ,the only thing that brings me peace. YOUR SITE has inspired me so much,that for the first time ever I am considering joining my churches study group. I may even bring your site to my Reverend’s attention. Thank you for the blessings you bestow upon those who find both of you and all of your ministry. PRAISE GOD.
    Love & blessings,

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