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Why You Should Think About Starting A Men’s Ministry

Men have been taking a beating over the last few years. The lines of definition concerning Biblical manhood have been becoming more and more blurry as the years go by. This has been especially truth with the cultural embrace of same-sex marriage and the snowball effect of the push of crossdressing and transgenderism. Modern men are questioning everything they have previously considered as the traditional standard of what it means to be a man.

The devil is seemingly having a field day with men. We are told that if we lead to strong we are domineering. We are scolded if we lead to passive, being called soft or weak. We are torn between our work and our families. We are lulled to sleep with “lovey dovey” worship songs that remind us more of a tear-jerker romantic movie rather than the worship of a mighty, valiant warrior King that has rescued and ransomed the church with his own blood. Our skinny jeans just don’t fit some of us. 

There has never been a greater time in history to ask men to stand up and be men than now. This isn’t a call to neglect the power of womanhood and all that women have done and are doing for our culture. Instead, this is a call for strong, godly male leadership. For this reason, we really need to think about men’s ministry in our day. 

Men need strengthening in 3 areas:

Without understanding the reason they exist, men lose sight of their own significance in the world. We have to realize that God deals with men differently than he deals with women. Men are scientifically, genetically created different than a woman. This design has to do with his Adam assignment in the world to be fruitful, multiply, rule and subdue the earth. We must communicate with men their God given role in their city, their jobs and their families. 

Men, by nature, are competitive. They are looking for a dragon to slay, a battle to fight and a damsel to rescue. We must encourage me to dream again. Too many men are dying a cubical death at their jobs losing hope for their future and just holding on until retirement. Men are uniquely made to start a business, oversee a department or invent a new process or system of doing something. We have to speak to the destiny residing on the inside of men to roar like lions again and ditch the fear of failing or opinions of others. 

It’s not secret men struggle with sexuality. Porn use and infidelity run rampant on the internet and men need to be challenged to bring back a focus on purity of heart and mind and to break free from the addictions that hold them back from being productive. Married men need to be encouraged to have fulfilling sex lives with their spouses and understand the power of an adventurous bedroom affair with their wife. A fire in the bedroom will help men stay focused on the women they are with instead of being bored to death at home with their spouse

These, and more, are solid reasons readers should be thinking in terms of men’s ministry over the next several years. This includes ministering to our young men, boys and children preparing them for marriage and fatherhood. Men neglecting to step up as husbands and fathers in our society has produced devastating results. This alone should be enough to convince us we are in need to unlock the destinies of our men to launch them into who God really created them to be. 




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