6Kg of Powerful Attack Iron Fire Extinguisher: Optimal Safety Solution
Price: ₹2,000 - ₹1,850.00
(as of Aug 18,2023 16:57:34 UTC – Details)

6Kg of Powerful Attack Iron Fire Extinguisher: Optimal Safety Solution

Fire Extinguishers operating temperature (-0) ºC to (+55) ºC for Class 1A & 8B Typee of fire filled with MAP Powder Complete in all respect & ‘A’,’B’ & ‘C’ class fires – inflammable liquids, Gaseous fires like L.P.G. and acetylene, and electrical fires.. ECO FIRE ABC powder based Fire Extinguishers are the most widely used Fire Extinguishers, filled with MAP (mono ammonium phosphate) dry powder, Suitable for all Typees of fire i.e. A B C and electrically started fire effectively extinguish by interrupting the chemical reaction of a fire triangle. Suitable for all – car / home / office / pantry / commercial, residential ; industrial buildings, Home/Office/Car/Commercial/Residential Building Purpose.
Safe for use on sensitive equipment.
A simple discharge mechanism allows you to control the discharge and optimise use of the extinguishing agent.
Helpful in training to handle during emergency situations Children should be trained
Capacity: 6 kg

Review: ECO FIRE ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers – Your Ultimate Safety Solution


When it comes to safety, there’s no room for compromise. That’s why we highly recommend the ECO FIRE ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers, an essential tool for protecting your loved ones and valuable assets from fire hazards. With their impressive features and unrivaled effectiveness, these fire extinguishers provide a complete fire safety solution for all occasions.

Unmatched Versatility

One of the standout qualities of the ECO FIRE ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers is their exceptional ability to combat a variety of fire types. Whether it’s Class 1A & 8B fires, inflammable liquids, gaseous fires (like L.P.G. and acetylene), or electrical fires, these extinguishers have got you covered. The use of MAP (mono ammonium phosphate) dry powder not only ensures maximum effectiveness but also interrupts the chemical reaction of the fire triangle, instantly extinguishing flames.

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Suitable for All Environments

From your car to your home, office, pantry, or commercial and industrial buildings, the ECO FIRE ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers are designed to be your go-to fire safety solution. Their versatility makes them ideal for various environments, providing you with peace of mind in any setting. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, these extinguishers are a wise investment.

Safety First

The safety of your sensitive equipment is a top priority. Fortunately, with the ECO FIRE ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers, you can rest assured that these extinguishers are safe for use on delicate devices. Say goodbye to worries about damaging your electronics in case of fire emergencies.

Easy to Use

The simplicity of the discharge mechanism sets these extinguishers apart. With the ability to control the discharge, you have full control over the extinguishing agent. This optimization allows for efficient use of the fire extinguisher, ensuring that you can quickly and effectively deal with any fire situation that arises.

Emergency Preparedness

Proper training in handling fire emergencies is crucial, especially for households with children. The ECO FIRE ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers can serve as valuable tools in training sessions, helping everyone understand how to use them effectively during emergency situations. By investing in these extinguishers, you’re not only prioritizing safety but also empowering yourself and your loved ones to respond adeptly in times of crisis.


With a generous 6 kg capacity, the ECO FIRE ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers are everything you need to ensure comprehensive fire protection. Suitable for all types of fires, safe for sensitive equipment, and incredibly easy to use, there’s no doubt that these extinguishers are an excellent choice for your car, home, office, or any commercial or residential building. Don’t compromise on safety – make the right decision today and invest in ECO FIRE ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers.

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Price: ₹2,000 - ₹1,850.00
(as of Aug 18,2023 16:57:34 UTC – Details)

6Kg of Powerful Attack Iron Fire Extinguisher: Optimal Safety Solution

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