Celebrating Electrical Plus’ New Office!

An Exciting Celebration: Electrical Plus Unveils Their New Office Space!


On April 20th, 2023, Electrical Plus celebrated the re-opening of their new office in West Chester, PA. Despite the setback caused by Hurricane Ida in 2021, the team at Electrical Plus persevered and created a stunning new workspace. The second floor is adorned with veteran décor, while the left wall features a unique wood construction by President Jeremy Mueller himself. The conference room boasts a one-of-a-kind wood table crafted by Jeremy’s brother. The hardworking Electrical Plus team completed much of the renovation work in-house, but they also received assistance from local companies such as Melted Hoodie Fabrication, Geoffrey Hines, and Floor Coverings International. The support from the community and partnerships with organizations like the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce have been instrumental in the success of Electrical Plus. As they continue to grow, they are excited for what the future holds.

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Full Article: An Exciting Celebration: Electrical Plus Unveils Their New Office Space!

Electrical Plus Celebrates the Re-opening of Its New Office in West Chester, PA

On April 20th, 2023, the tight-knit community of Electrical Plus gathered together to commemorate the long-awaited re-opening of their new office in West Chester, PA. Originally planned for 2021, the celebration was delayed due to the devastating impact of Hurricane Ida. The first floor of their building suffered severe flooding as a result of the hurricane. However, despite these setbacks, the newly renovated Electrical Plus office was worth the wait.

A Building with Character

Walking into the new office, you can immediately sense the proud character that permeates through every corner. The second floor boasts a veteran-themed decor, paying tribute to the brave men and women who have served in the military. On the left, a striking wood wall, handcrafted by President Jeremy Mueller himself, adds a touch of elegance to the space. The office also boasts a unique conference room centerpiece – a one-of-a-kind wood table skillfully constructed by Jeremy’s brother. Much of the renovation work was completed in-house by the hard-working Electrical Plus team.

A Community Effort

However, the successful transformation of the office could not have been realized without the invaluable support of several significant individuals and local companies. Electrical Plus expresses deep gratitude to Melted Hoodie Fabrication for crafting the metal logo on the wood wall, Geoffrey Hines for their assistance in outfitting, and Lori Hood from Floor Coverings International for expertly laying the flooring. Additionally, special recognition goes to First Resources Bank, a trusted partner, for securing the necessary finances for the building’s renovation.

Community Support and Partnership

Throughout their nearly 17 years in business, Electrical Plus has experienced unwavering support from the community. Their close connections and partnerships are instrumental in shaping the success of the company. To acknowledge this support and partnership, Electrical Plus extends a heartfelt thank you to the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce, their co-host for the momentous re-opening event. CEO Jeremy Mueller, COO Sean Rinda, and Marketing Director Cassandra Dalmas are actively involved in the Chamber and were grateful for their co-hosting role in creating lasting memories. The event was a resounding success, with attendees praising the delicious food provided by local businesses Madi’s on Roll and Nothing Bundt cakes. Furthermore, Good Will Fire Co. graciously allowed Electrical Plus to use their parking lot for the special ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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A Bright Future

The entire Electrical Plus team is immensely grateful for the unwavering commitment of their dedicated in-house staff and all those who contributed to the renovation process. Their new office marks a significant milestone in their journey, and they eagerly anticipate the growth and success that lies ahead. With the re-opening of their office, Electrical Plus affirms their commitment to serving the community and looks forward to many more years of shared success. Cheers to a bright future!

Below are some snapshots of the memorable event:

Summary: An Exciting Celebration: Electrical Plus Unveils Their New Office Space!

On April 20th, 2023, Electrical Plus celebrated the re-opening of their new office in West Chester, PA. The office had been delayed due to damages from Hurricane Ida in 2021. However, it was worth the wait as the new office showcases proud character, with veteran décor on the second floor and a wood wall built by President Jeremy Mueller. Additionally, a unique wood table in the conference room was constructed by Jeremy’s brother. The office renovation was a collaborative effort, with significant contributions from Melted Hoodie Fabrication, Geoffrey Hines, and Floor Coverings International. Electrical Plus is grateful for the support from the community, including the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce, and looks forward to the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions about Celebrating Electrical Plus’ New Office!

Q1. What is the reason behind celebrating Electrical Plus’ new office?

A1. Electrical Plus is celebrating the opening of its new office as a milestone of growth and success. The new office enables us to better serve our clients and expand our capabilities in providing top-notch electrical services.

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Q2. When is the grand celebration of Electrical Plus’ new office?

A2. The grand celebration of our new office will take place on [insert date]. We invite all our valued clients, partners, and friends to join us on this special occasion.

Q3. Where is the location of Electrical Plus’ new office?

A3. Our new office is located at [insert address]. It is conveniently situated in a prime location with easy access to major transportation routes.

Q4. What can guests expect at the celebration of Electrical Plus’ new office?

A4. Guests can expect a lively and enjoyable atmosphere with food and refreshments, networking opportunities, office tours, and a chance to meet our team of skilled electricians. There will also be special promotions and giveaways throughout the event.

Q5. Will there be any discounts or promotions offered during the celebration?

A5. Yes, to express our gratitude, we will be offering exclusive discounts and promotions during the celebration. This is our way of thanking our clients for their continued support and trust in our services.

Q6. Can I bring a guest to Electrical Plus’ new office celebration?

A6. Absolutely! We encourage our guests to bring along their colleagues, friends, or anyone who might be interested in learning more about our services and the electrical industry. The more, the merrier!

Q7. How can I RSVP for the celebration?

A7. To RSVP for the celebration, please visit our website [insert website URL] and fill out the RSVP form provided. Alternatively, you can also contact our office directly to confirm your attendance.

Q8. Will there be any accommodations for individuals with special needs at the celebration?

A8. Yes, we strive to make our events inclusive for everyone. If you or your guest require any specific accommodations, please inform us in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q9. Can I get a tour of the new office during the celebration?

A9. Absolutely! We will be offering office tours during the celebration, giving our guests an opportunity to explore our state-of-the-art facilities and see how we deliver our services in a professional and efficient manner.

Q10. How can I get in touch with Electrical Plus for more information?

A10. For any further information or inquiries about the celebration or our services, please feel free to contact our office at [insert contact details]. Our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you.

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