Price: ₹28,000 - ₹20,900.00
(as of Aug 15,2023 09:38:48 UTC – Details)

Pack of 3 Attractive and Effective Lightex CO2 Fire Extinguishers - 4.5kg each

CO2 High Pressure portable Fire Extinguisher, filled with CO2 Gas Control discharge mechanism fitted with Bend pipe and Discharge Horn, Discharge Time 9 Sec, Average Discharge is 95%, Applicable on Class B, C and electrically started Fire, Fire Rating 8B, A simple discharge mechanism allows you to control the discharge and optimize use of the extinguishing agent. Helpful in training to handle during emergency situations Children should be trained.
Ring Handle Mount
Clear Instruction Label & No Maintenance
Safe for use on sensitive equipment.

CO2 High Pressure Portable Fire Extinguisher Review

Review: CO2 High Pressure Portable Fire Extinguisher


If you are looking for a reliable fire extinguisher that is not only highly effective but also portable, the CO2 High Pressure Portable Fire Extinguisher is the perfect solution for you. This compact fire extinguisher is filled with CO2 gas and features a control discharge mechanism fitted with a bend pipe and discharge horn, giving you full control during emergency situations. Let’s explore its amazing features and benefits!

Impressive Fire Rating and Applicability

The CO2 High Pressure Portable Fire Extinguisher has a fire rating of 8B, making it highly efficient in extinguishing Class B and C fires. Additionally, it can be used on electrically started fires, providing you with versatile protection. With an average discharge of 95%, you can trust this extinguisher to quickly and effectively suppress flames, ensuring the safety of your surroundings.

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Simple Discharge Mechanism for Optimal Use

What sets this fire extinguisher apart is its simple discharge mechanism. With the ability to control the discharge, you can optimize the use of the extinguishing agent, ensuring that it is effectively directed at the source of the fire. This feature is not only practical but also ensures that you do not waste the extinguishing agent, resulting in a more cost-effective solution.

Training and Safety

The CO2 High Pressure Portable Fire Extinguisher is not only a valuable piece of equipment for emergencies but also plays a crucial role in training individuals to handle fire situations. Its user-friendly design and clear instruction label make it easy to understand and use, even for children. It is highly recommended that children receive training on how to handle this extinguisher during emergency situations, ensuring their safety and the safety of those around them.

Convenient Ring Handle Mount and No Maintenance

To make it even more user-friendly, this fire extinguisher comes with a ring handle mount that allows for easy installation in any desired location. The clear instruction label ensures that anyone can access and operate the extinguisher, even in stressful situations. Additionally, with no maintenance required, you can rely on this portable fire extinguisher to be ready for use whenever you need it.

Safety for Sensitive Equipment

One of the major advantages of the CO2 High Pressure Portable Fire Extinguisher is its ability to safely suppress fires without causing harm to sensitive equipment. Whether you need to protect valuable electronics or other sensitive machinery, this extinguisher ensures that the fire is extinguished while minimizing any potential damage. This feature makes it an ideal choice for homes, offices, or any environment that houses delicate equipment.

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In conclusion, the CO2 High Pressure Portable Fire Extinguisher is an exceptional choice for anyone in need of a reliable and effective fire suppression solution. Its impressive fire rating, versatile applicability, and simple discharge mechanism make it a standout option. The added benefits of training assistance, convenient mounting, and no maintenance requirements only enhance its appeal. Safety is paramount, and this fire extinguisher promises to keep your surroundings safe from potential fire hazards. Don’t delay in acquiring this essential safety device!

Price: ₹28,000 - ₹20,900.00
(as of Aug 15,2023 09:38:48 UTC – Details)

Pack of 3 Attractive and Effective Lightex CO2 Fire Extinguishers - 4.5kg each

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