Price: ₹1,650 - ₹1,099.00
(as of Aug 15,2023 16:25:29 UTC – Details)

Safe Pro ABC Powder Type Fire Extinguishers - Enhanced Capacity (Red, 6 Kg)

We are engaged in manufacturing abc fire extinguishers that are recognized for their convenient usage and efficiency. Abc fire extinguishers are very much helpful in extinguishing the fire and helps to avoid fire accidents. Abc fire extinguishers products are available in different sizes and vol and they are highly in demand due to their effectiveness and optimum performance. More over they are available at .
Fire rating: 3a 34b
Operating temperature -20degree c to +55 degree c
Test pressure: 35 bar
Expellant: nitrogen

Review: ABC Fire Extinguishers – Protecting Lives and Property

Are you concerned about the safety of your home or workplace? Look no further than our range of ABC fire extinguishers! Manufactured with utmost care and precision, our fire extinguishers are known for their convenience, efficiency, and unmatched performance in extinguishing fires.

Convenience and Effectiveness

With our ABC fire extinguishers, combating fire accidents has never been easier. These versatile extinguishers are designed to handle different types of fires, including those caused by ordinary combustible materials, flammable liquids, and electrical equipment. This means you can rely on our extinguishers to combat a wide range of fire hazards, making them an essential safety tool for both residential and commercial spaces.

Optimum Performance

Our ABC fire extinguishers are crafted using the highest quality materials to ensure optimum performance when it matters most. These extinguishers offer a fire rating of 3a and 34b, making them highly effective in suppressing fires successfully. Additionally, they can operate flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius, ensuring their reliability in various environments.

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Variety of Sizes and Volumes

We understand that every space has unique fire safety requirements. That’s why our ABC fire extinguishers are available in different sizes and volumes, catering to diverse needs. Whether you need a compact extinguisher for your kitchen or a larger one for your office premises, we have you covered. Our range ensures that you can find the perfect size to fit your space without compromising on safety.

Assured Quality and Accessibility

At our company, quality is our top priority. Our ABC fire extinguishers undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations. With a test pressure of 35 bar and an expellant of nitrogen, we ensure our extinguishers are reliable and ready to use when required. Moreover, our products are priced competitively, making them accessible to everyone who values fire safety.

The Decision Is Clear

When it comes to protecting lives and property, don’t compromise on quality or effectiveness. Our ABC fire extinguishers are the perfect choice for those seeking reliable and efficient fire protection. With their convenience, effectiveness, optimal performance, variety of sizes, and accessible pricing, there’s no doubt that our extinguishers are worth every penny.

Invest in the safety and peace of mind you deserve with our top-of-the-line ABC fire extinguishers. Don’t wait for a fire emergency to occur—be prepared and stay protected!

Price: ₹1,650 - ₹1,099.00
(as of Aug 15,2023 16:25:29 UTC – Details)

Safe Pro ABC Powder Type Fire Extinguishers - Enhanced Capacity (Red, 6 Kg)

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