Price: ₹18,999 - ₹12,500.00
(as of Aug 17,2023 19:57:01 UTC – Details)

Set of 2 Alfa Fire CO2 Fire Extinguishers – Effective and Reliable Safety Equipment, 4.5kg Each

CO2 High Pressure portable Fire Extinguisher, filled with CO2 Gas Control discharge mechanism fitted with Bend pipe and Discharge Horn, Discharge Time 9 Sec, Average Discharge is 95%, Applicable on Class B, C and electrically started Fire, Fire Rating 8B, A simple discharge mechanism allows you to control the discharge and optimize use of the extinguishing agent. Helpful in training to handle during emergency situations Children should be trained.
Ring Handle Mount
CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher
Clear Instruction Label & No Maintenance
Safe for use on sensitive equipment.

Review: CO2 High Pressure Portable Fire Extinguisher


In today’s unpredictable world, it’s crucial to prioritize safety measures, especially when it comes to fire hazards. That’s why I would like to share my experience with the CO2 High Pressure portable fire extinguisher. This remarkable device is not only effective in extinguishing fires quickly and efficiently, but it also offers a range of features that make it a must-have for any home or workplace.

Unparalleled Control and Efficiency

The CO2 High Pressure fire extinguisher is equipped with a CO2 gas control discharge mechanism that guarantees optimal control during emergencies. This allows you to efficiently and effectively direct the extinguishing agent towards the fire, ensuring maximum coverage and minimal waste. With a discharge time of 9 seconds and an average discharge rate of 95%, you can trust this extinguisher to swiftly combat fires, providing peace of mind and safeguarding lives.

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Versatile and Reliable

One of the standout features of this fire extinguisher is its versatility. It is applicable on Class B, C, and electrically started fires, making it suitable for a wide range of fire scenarios. Whether it’s a flammable liquid fire, an electrical fire, or a fuel fire, this portable extinguisher has got you covered. With a fire rating of 8B, you can trust it to handle even the most stubborn blazes.

User-Friendly Design

The ease of use and simplicity of the CO2 High Pressure portable fire extinguisher make it ideal for anyone, including children. The device features a simple discharge mechanism that can be easily operated even in emergency situations. This is particularly helpful during fire safety training sessions, allowing everyone to familiarize themselves with the extinguisher’s handling and operation. Remember, teaching children to handle the extinguisher responsibly can potentially save lives.

Convenient Mounting and Maintenance

The ring handle mount on the CO2 High Pressure fire extinguisher ensures effortless carrying and quick accessibility. No longer will you have to search for your extinguisher during a fire emergency. Additionally, the clear instruction label provides easy-to-understand guidelines on the proper use of the device. Furthermore, the extinguisher requires no maintenance, making it hassle-free and always ready for action.

Safe for Sensitive Equipment

Whether you’re using this fire extinguisher at home or in an office, you’ll be pleased to know that it is completely safe for use on sensitive equipment. There is no risk of damaging electrical appliances or causing further hazards, ensuring that not only the fire is extinguished but also your valuable assets are protected.

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In conclusion, the CO2 High Pressure portable fire extinguisher is a wise investment for anyone who prioritizes safety and wants to be well-prepared for any fire emergency. Its exceptional control, versatility, and user-friendly design make it the ideal choice. With the added convenience of mounting, clear instructions, and minimal maintenance, this extinguisher truly stands out from the rest. Take the necessary steps to protect your loved ones and property today, and make the wise decision to choose the CO2 High Pressure portable fire extinguisher.

Price: ₹18,999 - ₹12,500.00
(as of Aug 17,2023 19:57:01 UTC – Details)

Set of 2 Alfa Fire CO2 Fire Extinguishers – Effective and Reliable Safety Equipment, 4.5kg Each

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