Behind The Scenes of Our New Commercial

Unveiling the Magic: Discover the Making of Our Captivating New Commercial


It was an exciting day on set as we prepared to shoot our latest commercial with Edge of Cinema! The energy was high as the crew set up the cameras and lighting equipment. Our goal for the day was to showcase and communicate our services and core values here at Electrical Plus. Our mission is to consistently deliver efficiency in service, clean-up, and a job well done. We also wanted to showcase our involvement in our local community and our owner, Jeremy Mueller. Jeremy is known to serve on the board at North Star of Chester County, a local resource for single-parent support.

At Electrical Plus, we are a proud member of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce. We believe in supporting our local community and have sponsored many events, such as the Breakfast with Santa event, shown in our commercial.

During the shoot, we focused on showcasing our electrical skills and services. We highlighted our team’s ability to provide safe and reliable electrical work, as well as our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our crew members were shown in action, using close-up shots of tools and equipment to give the audience a sense of what they could expect from our services.

The filming process was a success, with each take improving upon the previous one. The collaboration between our crew and Edge of Cinema was seamless, resulting in flawless shots. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to making our commercial unforgettable, with a special shoutout to our partners at Edge of Cinema. They have been a fantastic partner for years and are also members of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce.

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Keep an eye out for our commercial on different channels in Chester County, as well as during the West Chester Film Festival in April 2023. We are proud to showcase our owner, Jeremy, and the entire team at Electrical Plus. Click the link to see the finished product and experience our exceptional services firsthand.

Full Article: Unveiling the Magic: Discover the Making of Our Captivating New Commercial

Storytelling Format:

Excitement filled the air on the set of the latest commercial shoot with Edge of Cinema. The crew was buzzing with energy as they set up the cameras and lighting equipment. The goal of the day was to showcase the services and core values of Electrical Plus and effectively communicate their mission.

Electrical Plus is dedicated to delivering efficiency in service, clean-up, and overall job satisfaction. The company prides itself on its involvement in the local community, and its owner, Jeremy Mueller, is actively engaged in serving on the board at North Star of Chester County, a local resource for single-parent support.

Being a member of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce, Electrical Plus actively sponsors various local events. One such event highlighted in their commercial was the Breakfast with Santa, which took place at the Movie Tavern in Exton. Combining shots from their shop, their newly opened office, Calvary Lutheran Church, Jeremy Mueller’s house, North Star’s office, and a client’s home in Glenmoore, PA, the commercial truly showcased the breadth of their operations.

During the shoot, the focus was on demonstrating Electrical Plus’ electrical skills and services. Close-up shots of tools and equipment, along with scenes of the crew in action, gave the audience a glimpse into the high-quality work they could expect. Notably, the commercial featured Jeremy shaking hands with Don Neimetz, the Executive Director of North Star, in front of their office, emphasizing their commitment to community involvement.

Adding a personal touch, Jeremy’s wife, Joanne, made a special appearance as “customer #1”. Her presence added authenticity to the commercial and showcased Electrical Plus’ dedication to serving their customers with care.

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The filming process went exceptionally well, with each take improving upon the last. The crew collaborated seamlessly, resulting in flawless shots. The positive atmosphere on set and the sense of accomplishment were palpable. Electrical Plus extends its gratitude to everyone involved in creating an unforgettable commercial, with a special shoutout to their long-term partners, Edge of Cinema. Both Electrical Plus and Edge of Cinema are fellow members of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce, further cementing their strong partnership.

The commercial will be broadcasted on various channels in Chester County, and some of the footage was even showcased before each film at the West Chester Film Festival in April 2023. Viewers should keep an eye out for Jeremy and the entire team at Electrical Plus, as they make appearances on TV screens, demonstrating their dedication to excellence.

To watch the finished commercial, click on the links below:

Commercial 1: [Insert Link Here]
Commercial 2: [Insert Link Here]

Summary: Unveiling the Magic: Discover the Making of Our Captivating New Commercial

Experience the excitement on set as Electrical Plus shoots their latest commercial with Edge of Cinema. With a focus on showcasing their electrical skills and commitment to customer satisfaction, the crew captures flawless shots of their team in action. From their brand new office to various locations in the community, including the North Star of Chester County’s office, Jeremy Mueller’s house, and a client’s home in Glenmoore, PA, the commercial highlights Electrical Plus’ involvement in the local community. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this unforgettable commercial featuring Jeremy, his wife Joanne, and the entire Electrical Plus team on your TV screen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions and Answers: Behind The Scenes of Our New Commercial

Q: How long does it take to create a commercial from start to finish?

A: The time required to create a commercial can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the concept, shooting locations, post-production requirements, and overall duration. However, on average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete a commercial from its initial brainstorming phase to the final edit.

Q: What are the different stages involved in creating a commercial?

A: Creating a commercial typically involves various stages such as pre-production, production, and post-production. During pre-production, the concept is developed, scripts are written, casting and location scouting take place, and the necessary equipment and crew are organized. The production stage includes the actual shooting of the commercial with actors, directors, cameras, lighting, etc. Finally, during post-production, editing, color grading, sound design, and special effects are done to bring all the elements together and create the final commercial.

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Q: Can you share insights into the casting process for the commercial?

A: Sure! The casting process is an important aspect of creating a commercial. It involves identifying the right actors who can effectively convey the message and represent the brand. Casting directors review portfolios, conduct auditions, and collaborate with the creative team to finalize the cast. The chosen actors then go through rehearsals to familiarize themselves with the script and the director’s vision before shooting begins.

Q: Is there any improvisation or scripting involved during the shooting?

A: While some commercials allow for improvisation, most often, every word and action in a commercial is carefully scripted and planned in advance. This ensures that the commercial effectively delivers the intended message and aligns with the brand’s image. However, sometimes minor adjustments or spontaneous ideas might be incorporated during the shooting process to enhance the overall quality and authenticity of the commercial.

Q: How are the shooting locations determined for a commercial?

A: The selection of shooting locations depends on the requirements and objectives of the commercial. It can involve scouting various potential locations that align with the desired aesthetic, brand image, and concept. Factors such as availability, permits, budget, and logistical feasibility are also considered. Once suitable locations are identified, the creative team evaluates them and finalizes the most fitting options for the shoot.

Q: What happens after the shooting is completed?

A: After the shooting phase, the post-production process begins. This involves editing the footage, adding visual effects, enhancing colors, refining the audio, and finally, assembling everything into the final commercial. Skilled editors and post-production specialists work closely with the creative team to bring the footage to life and ensure that the commercial represents the brand effectively and captivates the audience.

Q: How do you ensure the commercial complies with legal and copyright regulations?

A: Legal and copyright compliance is a significant aspect of commercial production. To ensure compliance, the creative team typically works closely with legal advisors who provide guidance and review every element of the commercial. This includes securing necessary permissions for music usage, trademarks, branding, and any copyrighted material. By adhering to legal guidelines, the commercial can be released without any legal issues and protect the brand’s reputation.

Q: Can you share any tips for making a successful commercial?

A: Absolutely! Some key tips for creating a successful commercial include thoroughly understanding the target audience, crafting a compelling and concise message, ensuring strong visuals and storytelling, showcasing the unique selling points of the product or service, and ending with a strong call-to-action. Additionally, collaboration, effective communication, and attention to detail throughout the production process play a vital role in delivering a high-quality commercial that grabs the attention of viewers.

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